I am continuing with the analogy I started several weeks ago with building the house which has now become the home. The furniture did arrive and has been put in the proper rooms and has been arranged with the design promoting Love and Peace. We have brought some older furniture to the home; some that was family heirlooms, and some that was practical. We have also bought some new furniture that will grace the house with a sense of a new start. This is somewhat like this course we started with a lot of things in our mind that needed to be removed, but not everything we had was negative. We did bring a lot of new concepts to our mind and those concepts, like the old furniture, seem to be fitting nicely with the new furniture. There was some concepts last week and the week before that didn’t necessarily align with my belief system, however I have an old country saying: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. That being said, the home is beautiful, it’s pleasant and pleasing to walk into and its functional and open but not obstentatious.

This past week has been a challenging week. I lost my favorite riding mule; he was 43 years old (equivalent to 107 years for a human) and my bride of 47 years received a not so uplifting medical report, so it’s been a tough week. However we will handle the challenges and remember the good times and put everything else in the trash. This course is becoming more of a help than I ever thought. Yes, I still have some improvement to make and still need to work on the times of silence, and the guy in the mirror. I need to remember nothing really happens without action. I am committed to change for the better and to conquer busyness with silence.

The house being finished, furniture being delivered and pantries being stocked means that next week is party week. We celebrate our new home and a new beginning.

God bless


WEEK # 23 MKMMA It’s Really My House

In continuing with my analogy of the building of my home,Last week I talked about the silence of entering a new home with no furniture and no food or supplies. This week I continue with that same analogy. Week 23 was like securing the home and bringing in the furniture. there was no time to sit at the bar and cry over missed opportunities; there was only time to look forward. We now know that it does, in fact, take less effort to go ahead and build the house and occupy it than to live in poverty on the streets. We are in fact the captain; this is our boat. We can sail it where we want to. We have taken the right fork, we have completed the course, we are in the bay going to dock and occupy this home. We are humbled by the fact that we once thought we didn’t deserve it, we once thought we could never obtain it, but now that it’s here we will enjoy it. It’s actually taken much less effort than it would be to just survive.This home is full of love, harmony and peace, whereas where we were was just in survival mode day to day. The energy that we have spent was motivated by love and a desire to bring food to the table and clothing to the backs of the occupants. The moving van will arrive soon, we will have warmth, clothing and food in the stomach. We were taught last week that EGO expends. Another acronym for EGO is Edging God Out. That will not happen in this home; we will be like abundance. We will not only receive it we will give it. I;t will be like the waves on the sea; they just keep on coming. Sometimes the tide is out and the beaches wide but the waves keep on coming. When the waves are out many new shells are found on the beach with an occasional treasure, but when it’s high tide and the waves are close
everything seems fresh and a new.It’s like abundance; sometimes it’s far out and sometimes it’s close in, but it’s all there.

We were introduced to four new cards this week: 1. Acceptance; we accept all things as they are. 2. Then we have a card that shows responsibility. We are presently and have been in the past and will be in the future nothing but a combination our choice or our choices. I am responsible for my choices and my position. 3. We had a third card called defenselessness. Most of us, even though we certainly feel our position is right, we were called on not to try and defend our position, but only act in love and peace. 4. The fourth card was a summation of all we accept and we have the responsibility to be defenseless. Probably the hardest for me to defend was the defenselessness, but I’m now in my home my new home and I don’t need or have a desire to defend anything. This is my home. We were reminded that last week we have come to partake of a mental diet that is on steroids and that if we take care of it, absolutely nothing can stop it. We’ve trained our brain, we trained our mind, and we’ve also trained our heart to persist and continue. When we get to the point that we first thought about, we will have an even more expansive territory in front of us. We give love, we give help, we give a hand up, and now we have a home to provide those things; peace and love prevail in this home.

Last week we also took the test again I think this was the third time I’m happy to report that I did have a lower score than before which means there’s some improvement in my life not where I wanted but it will continue to improve as I continue to improve this will be done by trust ,my first trust will be God and my second trust will be me the opinion of close associates with my well-being in mind will be third. I must go now I think I hear the moving truck pulling up the furniture is coming in the food is not far behind.


In the last several weeks I have referred to the construction of my new home (mentally)as an analogy to this course. Last week was a week without a webinar from MKMMA . As a result I used the week to review, catch-up and work on my weakest point which is silence. With the analogy in mind it’s like walking into a home that appears to be ready to be occupied but with no furniture and no decoration. As I stood in the home and looked around at the unique design and the quality of craftsmanship and the openness of the home, I felt an overcoming presence of stillness. There wasn’t anything bad about this feeling but it was a unique feeling of pure silence. For once, finally, I was able to remove all thought from my mind and just let my mind be still. This was kind of scary and peaceful all at the same time not knowing whether to run or enjoy. I decided to enjoy.

The home is vacant and appears to be ready to be moved into. The lights are on, the gas is on, the doors unlocked and it is ready for me to occupy. All I need to do is move in furniture, decorate and bring in food and clothing; but that can wait till next week. This week I will enjoy the silence, and in that silence, attempt to connect with the real me, find my real passion, get on with life and occupy this beautiful home. I’m enjoying the moment but anxiously looking to the future.

WEEK # 22 MKMMA THIS HOUSE IS ALMOST READY FOR A C.O. (certificate of occupancy)

This week’s course is an exciting lesson. With reference to my house, it appears to be complete; just a few things needed turned around and/or touched up: fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings and anger. These things in the home have been changed to complementary and positive components of the home.The comfort zone has been changed to a productive zone. The home is awaiting its occupants. The way the occupants have looked at the home in the past has been one under construction; that has been changed to one of security and warmth. This is going to be a great place to embrace all seven laws of the mind and let that feeling permeate the space with love.

The focus is now on where will the furniture go and how will it look when it’s in there. Where will the grand kids spend their time as they become young adults? Where will the Christmas tree go? There will have to be room for the nativity scene, but there’s room for it all, including presents, food and drink. The backyard is being landscaped around the pool, a pool that is filled with love, humility, warmth, and serenity. There are two chairs under the gazebo where the occupants may set and spend time in silence, continually giving thanks and reflecting on what is to come. We have learned to control our emotions to some degree but not to stifle and forget them altogether.

In this home and in this environment we are excited about the completion, occupancy, fellowships, relationships and all the other pleasant things that we experience with ownership. This is not to be taken lightly. The home must be maintained and kept on track, but we now have the ability to do it. It’s not been a smooth road to get here. There have been some bumps and corners and detours, but because we stuck with it we are now ready to occupy it. I can’t wait until I get to spend the first night here, swim the first lap in the pool, and smell the first breakfast cooking in the kitchen. All that is left is for me to _Act. Nothing really changes until action has begun.


Continuing in the analogy of building a house, this week’s lesson touched on the development of one of the most exciting areas of a home, the kitchen and dining room. Life may not have started in the kitchen but it is certainly sustained,fed, nurtured, enhanced, and embraced there. Most families will admit that the dining room is where much meaningful conversation takes place, from the breakfast time of giving or receiving your direction for the day, to the quick lunch meal sustaining you for the balance of the day, to the evening dinner, prepared both for sustaining through the evening and night as well as recapping the day and evaluating what was accomplished.

Much care, time and expense has gone into the kitchen. It is one of the most expensive rooms in a house, on a square foot basis, with cabinets, appliances, sinks, tile floors and granite counter tops; a kitchen costs a lot of money. This week’s course seemed to me to be like the kitchen. Yes there is a lot of unoccupied space in the kitchen, but it is filled with healthy consumables, tasty spices and seasonings, energy producing proteins,and healthy fruits and vegetables. This week’s course included a column that, from our thoughts, to our feelings, to questions of who we are and what we did, are like the cabinets in the kitchen that are full. This week was jam packed. We were transformed, inspired, uplifted, and motivated. I was reminded of the little five-year-old who said that God is everything, and I realized that all of the empty space is filled with the presence of God. We were taught more about miracles (interesting I’ve been reading through a book titled You Were Born For This by Bruce Wilkinson). This book is about us being miracle deliverers. Many miracles are conceived and made in the kitchen and consumed and imparted in the dining room. We are a miracle and with God’s grace can deliver many miracles. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.


In the real estate business a lot of high-end homes that are listed in the multiple listing service come with a virtual tour. Some of those homes that are new incorporate video from the start of construction through the completion of the home. As the quality of these virtual tour videos has increased we even get pleasing background music and an attractive lady or handsome man to go through the home pointing out the areas of quality and design.

I have been using the analogy of building a home to describe the last several webinars. My home is not yet complete but this week’s lesson is like a virtual tour of all that has been done and that is going to be done and it’s been done in a professional, pleasing and understandable manner with functionality to its design. The in-depth explanation of Wooden’s pyramid is a detailed analysis of the construction process. This has been further enhanced by what’s to come with Mark’s use of the –— on the tombstone; kind of like the solidifying of the house. It had a beginning and at some point, way in the future, it will have an end. What will transpire in the home during the years of occupancy will be my legacy. Although I’m starting late in life I know that because of my past training and current studying, the home will be filled with love, encouragement, hope, kindness, comfort, challenge, and warmth. The home is so well-built that it will outlive me but those things that it’s filled with will still be there. It will be a pleasant place for all who enter. The guests will find no anger, no guilt, no unworthiness, no hurt feelings, and no fear. The guests will find security and safety and will be able to relax in peace.This will be a place that the guests want to return to and bring others to.


I spoke last week about the home being enclosed and all the material inside. Construction is still underway but it is time to sort the material and take inventory. This week’s video was about using the body to train the mind. That’s a fascinating concept and really worked in my experiments this week. Getting the body moving with positive moves allows the mind to be engaged in a positive direction. Although I have all of the material to finish building the house, it was in one big pile in the living room. I need to go through that pile and sort it into the rooms in which it will be used and into the order that it will be used to complete my home. Doing this requires using my body to move the piles and objects into their correct location. Some of this requires lifting and reaching, some requires using a dolly, some of it requires help from friends( the alliance) and some with help from professionals. But all of it is using my body to stimulate my mind to use what I have. It is like when the body is moving, energy to the mind is being released. Like Mark J,(Beach Boy), can’t talk without his hands moving in all sorts of directions, and him never standing still. His body is talking to his mind so that his mind might release information that we all need. The more important the information the more his body moves, as it should be with us talking with excitement even while sitting, with the movement of the head, the smile of the mouth,the excitement in the eyes. We need the mirror not just for reflection but for accountability. If I’m looking in the mirror while making a prospect call, would I be attentive looking at myself? YES if the body is moving. A minute to a few seconds, I have found this week to being exceptionally beneficial.So this week while sorting, I’m doing it with my hands in the air, my feet moving, my mouth smiling, my eyes excited, my voice confident, and my expectations positive. Physical Is Good.


Well as I said last week we have it all under one roof. With this week’s webinar it seems like we took inventory on what we had and what we have put in place and now it’s time to look at what we need to do to finish. We have received so much and we are trusting that it’s all in the right place. We know that we have received kindness, gratitude, direction, persistence and a whole lot of other things for the mind and for the mind to put into action. We are both the prospect and the salesperson; we are learning to give thanks in everything, locking out fear and locking in faith. We have taken inventory and we have good habits, we have a compass, we have a magnifying glass, we have HOW, and our work ethic is now becoming a positive habit.

We did secure and protect our inventory in last week’s blog by putting on the roof. This week we received additional instruction of where some of the inventory is to go and what order it is go in IE happiness comes before success not after, work comes before reward. The goal post is set and does not need to be moved by my discontent, my addictedness to struggle or my false happiness. Things are in order in this building and the few remaining weeks will allow us to put the remaining building materials in the correct places. We may gain a few more items but for the most part it’s all here; just a matter of putting it in the right place at the right time on a consistent basis. We’re getting close to a great housewarming party! It’s going to be fun fun fun!!Come and join me!! SENDING out invitations soon!

P.S. Matthew 7: 24-25–This house is built upon the rock.


Since week 15 I have used these blogs in the analogy of building a house. This appears to be a useful way for me to describe the webinar and the associated lessons.This week is no different because the analogy is working.

This week was awesome. We got to put the roof on, the framing is complete, the foundation is in, and all the doors and windows have been framed. With the roof on we now have some protection for those things which we have put inside. We have now been able to protect those things that we have put into the mind and have been able to now store additional materials out of the weather. Some of the things that we learned this week are going to become the finished doors and windows to our new home. The hero’s journey is like a new secure front door, majestic, solid and standing as a statement of protection. The Windows now being put into place are like the spiritual truth, allowing the sun to shine in and us to look out but protecting us from the negative weather, whether it be cold or hot. We now have a place that is secure as we continue putting up the insight from Haanel, the encouragement from Og Mandino, the bliss from Emerson, and the rest of the teachings from MKMMA. As we progress, these things will become electricity that provides light to our mind and energy to our home. These things will provide warm water for our bath and cleansing of our dishes. They will provide fuel for our furnace that will provide warmth to our bodies, and in the summer cooling air to relieve us from the heat outside.

We now have a roof over our head, and from the street our structure is starting to look like a house. It’s not finished and we know that it will take time, but it’s getting there.The time-consuming finish work, painting, flooring, carpet, cabinets and all the other will take time but it is at least inside and we can work on it anytime rain or shine. Our house, when properly finished will take only minimal maintenance because we built it right from the start, and it will last a lifetime being a joy to all who enter, providing both safety and comfort. It will allow us to bring others in for help, encouragement, and fortitude. We are now looking forward to inhabiting the structure and are working with great passion to see its completion.


Much has been said over the last thousand or 2000 years or longer about the control of the mind, the heart, the soul, the Spirit, the will and the inner being. They are all tied together and collectively make up the man and all that goes with him, including feelings, emotions, fears, attitudes and all of the other components that we’ve been studying over the last 17 weeks and more.

Scripture in the Bible has over 170 references to the word mind or minded and over 70 those are located in the New Testament alone. And the one most quoted and probably the least understood is Romans 12:2 which states in one version: “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good, acceptable, and perfect.”

This course so far has given much information on wisely using the control of our mind. Week 17 continued to further show how we can control the mind for kindness, goodness, happiness, and a whole list of other emotional attributes. But toward the end of the lesson we were introduced to a new KEY in the development of the mind. This KEY is Permission we must give our mind permission to succeed, we must give our mind permission to be kind, worthy, courageous, loving, prosperous and any other adjective that we may not have because we have not given our mind permission to proceed.This KEY, when wisely used will help us immensely in achieving our DMP and more. We do have the choice of what we put into our mind and allow into our mind, thereby using this key PERMISSION to achieve more than we could have ever thought or dreamed. We have gotten rid of most of the big junk in our minds and we are learning to daily sweep out the small stuff and dusty corners. As I have said before, this course is like building. We’ve got the foundation and some walls up, let us look forward to getting the roof on and the windows and doors in; the outside finished so that we can complete the inside cabinets, fireplaces etc. Then the fun part will begin. We can decorate it like we want with our own style and our own taste. YEA